Scholarships and Awards

Scholarship winners for 2015 are, left to right:
Ilanna Villagran, Destiny Ramos, and Madison.  Congratulations ladies, and good luck in the fall at your chosen universities !

The Monticello Park Neighborhood Association awards at least one scholarship per year to a deserving senior from Thomas Jefferson High School or from Monticello Park. Funds for these scholarships are raised from all of the proceeds of the semi-annual Garage Sales held in Monticello Park.  The application process is initiated in January through the counselors at Thomas Jefferson High School and through the neighborhood newsletter.  Awards are based on merit and need, and include a written application as well as a personal interview. Awards are made to the students at the May General Assembly.  Once registration is established, the cash awards are for the students to use as they see fit.   To download the Scholarship Application in Microsoft Word format, please click on the link below.  Since the Monticello Park Neighborhood Association is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, all donations to the scholarship fund are tax deductible.  


The Monticello Park Neighborhood Association also awards monetary prizes for beautification of a home within the Monticello Park boundaries.    Our goal for the beautification awards is that the history, beauty, and character of our historic district will be preserved.  Neighbors will be recognized and encouraged by the continued maintenance or restoration of the beauty of our district.  

Rules must be followed exactly in order to receive a beautification award.  That includes gaining a Certification of Appropriateness from the Office of Historic Preservation. Information about this process can be obtained at the Office of Historic Preservation, a City of San Antonio entity.  Go to that webpage by clicking here.  A maximum of $500 will be awarded for a beautification process.  One will be awarded by the MPNA to a neighbor who is not on the Board.  A second prize will be awarded from monies granted by the Jefferson Woodlawn Lake CDC, and will be awarded to any resident of Monticello Park.