Board Members:
Robin Foster
David Guerrero

Bianca Maldonado

Len McClure

Tony Sanchez

Tom Simmons

General Assemblies and Board of Director meetings are open to the public.  General Assemblies occur on the last Monday of the odd-numbered months: January, March, May, July, September, and November.

All General Assemblies meet 7:00 PM at Grace Presbyterian Church, 950 Donaldson Avenue or via Zoom due to social distancing during the pandemic.  Arrangements for each meeting are determined by the Board of Directors and published in the MPNA newsletter and the MPNA Facebook page.

Board of Director meetings are on the second Monday of each month at 6:30 PM at the Deco Building, 1800 Fredericksburg Road, Suite 116 or via Zoom due to social distancing during the pandemic.

2022 Board of Directors

Drea Garza
Vice President 
Gary Hudman
Pamela Carpenter
Larissa O'Connors



Welcome to the Monticello Park NA!  Monticello Park Neighborhood Association is a 501(c)3, non-profit organization.  The homes of Monticello Park are an extraordinary collection of architecture; Revival styles, English Tudor, Spanish Colonial, Greek, Italianate, Neoclassical, Mission, Craftsmen, English Stone Bungalow, and Art Moderne. Virtually every house proudly shows the handiwork of individual artisans. The masonry, the plasterwork, Mexican mission tile, arches, built-ins, cartouches, and turrets-- all touches that make these homes truly unique.

The area was once a dairy farm owned by George Calvert.  Mr. Calvert sold his farm to developers, and Monticello Park, originally called Woodlawn Terrace, grew from the 1920s to the 1940s. Its growth reflected the Roaring 20s, the Great Depression, and finally World War II.  The neighborhood attracted the growing class of merchants and professionals of the time. Many of the homes were designed by San Antonio architect, Nathan Straus Nayfach.

One of the developers, Leo S. Karen, sold a portion of land to the San Antonio Independent School District for approximately $94,588. The crown jewel of our neighborhood, Thomas Jefferson high school, was built on this  land.  The Spanish Baroque building was designed by Max Frederick and built in 1932, much to the dismay of some who believed it to be in the middle of nowhere. Furr Drive was designed to afford a view of the spectacular dome which was originally done in colorful tile.

Monticello Park neighborhood is bordered by Wilson, Babcock, Fredericksburg, and Donaldson. In 1995, a portion of the Monticello Park neighborhood Association was designated a historic district, Monticello Park Historical District, and laid the foundation for its beginnings which now stretch into the Jefferson Neighborhood Association.

As a historic district, any exterior renovations to homes in Monticello Park must be reviewed by the Office of Historic Preservation and often by the Historic Design and Review Commission.  To see the website page for the Office of Historic Preservation and the HDRC, click here.

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Contact the Neighborhood Association at P.O. Box 5851, San Antonio, Texas  78201

Follow us on Facebook by searching for Monticello Park Neighborhood Association.  Join us, and keep up with the fun!  

"The purpose of the MPNA is for charitable and educational purposes.  Charitable purposes primarily involve awarding at least one scholarship per year to a high school senior,  Educational purposes include providing an organized framework to promote, preserve, and enhance the quality of life and values within the Monticello Park Neighborhood Association boundaries and the city.  MPNA is a recognized historical district.  There, emphasis is placed on historical education and on promoting a sustainable environment."  Board Resolution #2011-3 from September 26, 2011.  

The following include a map which indicates the boundaries of Monticello Park Historic District, as registered with the City of San Antonio and the Historic Design and Review Commission.  The map below it indicates the boundaries of the Monticello Park Neighborhood Association.   

Click here for the Monticello Park Historic District map.

Click here for the MPNA boundaries map.

Click on this link to read the Rivard Report on our beautiful neighborhood:
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